The San Antonio Battered Women’s Shelter has become a model for the nation by introducing innovative programs designed to help women and children become more self-sufficient. 

With over 3,384 victims served annually, the San Antonio Battered Women and Children’s Shelter is more than just a place for families to come and rest – it is a place where families support each other, and receive the care needed to heal.

Christy’s Hope looks towards the San Antonio community to help the Shelter maintain their open arms policy, and never have to turn a family away due to lack of funding.

Since Christy’s Hope’s 1st tournament, we have raised money for the Shelter to purchase a truck to assist in moving families quickly and safely, added a new playground, expanded living quarters, added a new dining facility, a new laundry room, furnished the women’s living area, and provided computers and educational software.

This past year at our 21st Annual Christy’s Hope Gala & Golf Event, we raised over $525,000 and Christy’s Hope has donated 100% of the proceeds to the shelter, which is now totaling over $3.7 million.